So what does the term “hook up” imply to you?

So what does the term “hook up” imply to you?

I’ve seen folks make use of that expression to suggest from “meet” to “have sex”, and all things in between. When someone states for your requirements “Wanna hook up?” what do you would imagine they’re asking?

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    to imply it indicates helps have sexual intercourse often it ways allows go out; if you ask me this will depend on who’s stating it

    It always mean “meet”, now it indicates “have sex”.

    I’m in the Air power and I also know that increase workers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) use the appearance “hook up” to represent that they are going to join with a trailing airplane to begin with fueling it while they’re aloft.

    Now, as to what really substance of your own concern, when someone askes myself if I need to ‘hook up’, I’m going with the concept which they would you like to hang out, have a good time, appreciate each people organization. Kind of like heading out on a night out together, partially or completely.

    Totally hinges on the perspective. My friends purchased it both tactics. Such as for instance “lets hook up this weekend” or “jimmy and I also entirely connected yesterday!!”

    It indicates “hang around” in my opinion when a person requires whenever we should “hook right up”

    If a friend requires us to “hook right up,” it generally means satisfy someplace. If men whom I’m not merely developed pal with requires me personally, they most likely indicates one thing a bit more suggestive. If I state I “hooked upwards” with someone, I probably signify I produced aside with them, perhaps a bit more, but I separate between “hooking upwards” and in actual fact sex with somebody.

    really at least it’s obvious I’m not completely wrong to think their definition is ambiguous….

    Now I just need to ascertain which which means a specific individual possess. 😛

    If it is only good friends I think ‘let’s meet up and hang out’. In case it is anyone I’m keen on, for instance, it might or cannot suggest to get real thereupon individual. It may mean different things, based on who you really are speaking of.

    Really does “hooking upwards” today usually mean sex?

    We go on it to mean sex with some body, often without strings attached, not always intercourse it self.

    I thought it had been sex without any chain attached…but I’m outdated, and might feel incorrect! ; )

    “Hooking up” if you ask me = one-night stand.

    I always regularly utilize it just to indicate hooking up with somebody—meeting somewhere: “Maybe we could hook-up when we’re both in the town.” My sons currently fixing me personally instead intensely, advising that towards the young folks it indicates everyday gender. We dedicated an extremely worst fake jamais by it inside the wrong-way before people they know.

    While I was a student in level school and senior high school, “hooking right up” usually designed “making .”

    Hooking-up is actually french making out imo

    Is based on that is stating it i assume. Basically are to utilize they i’d imply hook up in certain intimate method. Something from generating over to having sexual intercourse… No specific meaning for me personally, i only query whenever others put it to use.

    @krose, will you indicate that when anyone utilizes the appearance “hook right up” inside presence, you have to query what they imply by it? Today, that certain noises in my experience like it defeats the goal of creating jargon.

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not abreast of the latest conditions. My pals know I’m a large loser who can’t keep up with hours. *edit- I’ll just be like “Wait… Do you…” and in most cases make a gesture. 🙂 Next they’ll look and that is my answer, or “NOOOO. We just produced out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i however imagine its guys generally asking a woman to get together meaning they wanna spend time and perchance have a blast too…

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